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Adult Class

Age:16 years old and above
Class size: Maximum 5 students
Duration: 105 mins / lesson, 1 lesson / week, 11 lessons / package
Schedule: Conversational Mandarin Beginner 2      

                  Thursday                10:00 - 11:00 (Virtue Class)
                  Friday                     1:30 - 3:15
This programme is a comprehensive Mandarin programme, specially designed for non-Chinese speakers. Focusing on structured learning of Mandarin base on Listening, Oral and Reading Chinese using different scenarios most-likely happen in daily life. Meanwhile, this programme also prepare learners to be ready for an international standardised Chinese language test named HSK.


- Listening
  Listening to daily conversations in various scenarios
- Speaking

  Practicing speaking in conversations and sentence reading
- Writing

  Writing fundamental characters with the right strokes and sequence
- Han Yu Pin Yin
Mastering essential Initials, Finals and Spelling rules to facilitate self-reading

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