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Playgroup Class (18 mo-3 yo) 
Kid Painting
Toddler with Wooden Toys

Age:18mo - 3 years old
Class size: Maximum 4 students
Duration:45 mins / lesson, 1 lesson / week, 10 - 13 lessons / term
Schedule: Saturday 10:45am - 11:45am

This programme is designed for our young learners to build a strong foundation in Mandarin through immersive storytelling and fun-filled activities. This provides an opportunity for kids to have fun and learn keywords and vocabularies at the same time.

Aiming to teach all students Mandarin while cultivating a love for the language, our teaching model is crafted after years of professional teaching experience.

- Interactive Play
  Fun and engaging learning activities through play
- Music & Movements
  Enchanting and delightful songs and rhythms to sing and dance
- High-frequency Chinese Characters & Vocabularies

  Useful and fundamental characters & vocabularies taught via games
- Art & Craft Making
  Simple art & craft activity to reinforce learning of the theme of the class

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Children's Programmes
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