Our programmes are tailored according to every different student’s level and proficiency. Planned with methodological studies and observations on learning methods made optimal for each group, we ensure an enriching learning journey.


To enable greater flexibility, Hanziland now offers online programmes. With online classes, you can now choose your own learning environment and schedule that works best for your needs.

  • Private / Group Zoom Lessons

  • Digital Learning Materials


Hanziland provides age-appropriate learning curriculum in order to help children learn and assimilate Mandarin at different learning stages.


Age Group: 1 - 3 Years Old

This programme is designed for our young learners to build a strong foundation in Mandarin through immersive storytelling and fun-filled activities. This provides an opportunity for students to have fun and pick up a language at the same time.


Crafted to best fit students, this programme aims to help students with their examination preparation so that they can take the next step in their education smoothly. Crafted to suit each student individaully, private lessons provides the best environment and way a student can learn.

  • Conversational Mandarin

  • YCT/HSK/IB/IGCSE Preparation Programme


Picking up Mandarin is always useful, no matter if it’s for professional investment or just getting around in your daily life. Each course is specially created for each adult's level of proficiency and progress is reviewed regularly and lessons are adjusted to ensure the best learning journey. 

  • Conversational Mandarin

  • Mandarin for Business and Professional